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This question comes from Central California:

“I have begun to write notes to everyone who comes to the door. It’s a lot of notes and for the most part they are very brief…. “thank you for taking the time to meet me when I knocked on your door today” And I am adding a one liner on the opposite side of the note… “I always have time for you, and your referrals.”

This is taking a lot of time. Should I be more selective about who I write notes to, or is it worth my time? I am thinking I won’t write as many after the neighborhood knows me better… just the ones who show interest in moving or refer me to someone.”

Debbie Responds:

Two ideas:

  1. Write notes only to those who you feel you really connect with or that try to assist you in some way (i.e. by giving you a referral or you think may sell at some point). Maybe 5 per day. Or…
  2. Have some pre-printed with an appropriate message that you hand sign and then you only hand write the really special ones.

Hope this is helpful!

Keep up the good work.

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