What To Say When You Make The Call

What to Say When You Make a Call

Giving Your Contacts Something of Value

As you make your way through calling your list, I suggest you prepare yourself with a script or a theme, and ensure that you’re be well prepared with something of value to give. Make your topic both timely and interesting. I recommend that you download our Excelleum Scripts and use them during your calls as you’ll feel much more comfortable working through your list when you have a game plan.

Think about themes that your contacts would like to know about. A good suggestion is to provide a quarterly market update.

When You Call

Ensure that you’re very sensitive to their time. It’s important to understand that when your contact picks up the phone, they’re not going to have the same patience with you as they would with a friend- you are not their friend. You are a professional. Don’t spend a lot of time on chit-chat and be sure you get to the point of what you’re reaching out to them for quickly. Your first step is to “Build the Bridge” – take a 15-30 second opportunity to reestablish the connection.

An Example of Conversation Flow

“Hello, may I please speak to Mary?”

“Hi Mary I thought that was you. This is Debbie at ABC real estate. I know it’s been a long time since we were able to speak- how are you?”

“Great! How are the kids?”

“That’s wonderful. I know you opened your new business last year, how’s that going for you?”

“Well congratulations, that sounds exciting! Well, I know you’re very busy, so the reason I wanted to connect with you is to provide you with a quick market update. But before I do, I wanted to ask if you have any questions for me- anything at all you’d like to know about the real estate market…”

“Well please feel free to reach out to me at any time.”

“Now Mary I wanted to know if you have any plans to buy or sell real estate in the next year?”

“Ok, well one more question if I could, is there anyone that you can think of that I could assist- someone that may have questions, need advice, or may be thinking about buying or selling that I should reach out to?”

“Mary, thank you for thinking about this for me, now if you’re ok with it, would it be alright if I give you a call you next quarter with another market update?”

“Ok, good…and it’s alright to send you the information that we talked about? I’d just like to confirm your email address, and if I have an important bulletin to send out, I’ll go ahead and send it to this address.”

“Now Mary I know that you know a lot of people and I just wanted to remind you that I work a large area, all price points, and if you think of someone I can help, please feel free to give them my name and number, and if you don’t mind sending me a heads up that they’ll be contacting me, I’ll be able to ensure I’m available to take care of them. I really look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Summary of Call Steps

What we accomplished here was: a few questions about what she’s currently doing, provided a bulletin/update to the current market, asked specifically for a referral, but while being respectful of her time, and knowing that she has a life- she’s not our “friend”. So you got down to business, and your next step will then be to put her in your calendar for a call back.

How Often to Call Your List

Every 90 days is your call back time frame. That should be your Minimum Standard.

Take your list, divide it into the 60 days of the quarter, and this tells you how many calls you need to make per day.

If you call and get their voicemail, leave a 30 second message saying basically what you would have said to them on the phone, as if you were speaking to them live.

On Mailings

It is very important that you send out your hard physical mailings, because not everyone checks their email, and you may not have everyone’s email address. Sending a quarterly mailing (bulletins, updates, things of importance to them) is sufficient. Have a systematic process for getting that out to them, but don’t over analyze it because you should be keeping in mind that they’re busy, and they’re most likely looking at your picture and reading your message on their way to the trashcan. As they’re reading your update, they’re really just being reminded that you’re in business. That’s the point.

Some of you may prefer to mail monthly, and I recommend that, but that does depend on your time and your budget.

If you do have your contacts on an email campaign/email drip, I recommend about 1-2 times per month as the maximum frequency you should be putting yourself on their radar.

Things your contacts will enjoy receiving are: hot buys, interesting market information, and other valuable information- at your discretion.

Ensure you always provide a call to action- remind them to call YOU if they need anything.

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