[VIDEO] Master Your Database Marketing in 5 Steps

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How large is your database? In some businesses they would call it their “book of business.” You may have a big database and you’re simply not working efficiently.   Or you may have been in the business for years and your database is small. No matter if it’s large or small what I’d like to encourage you today to do is work to build it.  Here are some really easy ideas for you:

1.  Look over your cell phone contacts.

It always amazes me how many people we will have in our cell phone that know us, that like us, that we do business with, and they’re not in our database.  Get them in there.   Also, take a look at your checkbook and your credit card statements; whom are you doing business with? Who are you paying money to that you should also incorporate and add into your database?

Everywhere you go, all day long, be thinking as you meet new people about who should join your database. Ask them if they would like to be included in your information loop.

2.  Purge your database. 

If you have people that you don’t know who they are, or you really don’t like to talk to them, get rid of them.  When you pick up that list to call it, you need to be excited about making those calls. So you want to grow it while pruning it.

3.  Finding the right people to add.

Of course you’ll be adding new customers every time you close the deal. Think about if it’s appropriate to adopt the customer on the other side of the deal.

How many times have you gone on a final walk-thorough or physical inspection and had their brother, their mother, their father there and we never really connected with them and brought them into our communication loop as well?

4.  Treat your best clients like valued partners.

Now, another thing you may want to do is separate out your top 10 to 20.  You want to call them more often than the rest of your list.  Have lunch once a year; send them a birthday gift, etc.   Connect with them in a little deeper way, and tell them that they are your favorites. Enlist their help.  Would it be possible for them to find for you this year two to three good referrals that would help you grow your business?

At the same time, reach out to them and ask, “How can I help you?”

Be supportive of your clients. Be informing them, providing great bulletins and information.  You want to be building that community of people who really love and respect you, and they will come back.  But also, they’re willing to send you those referrals.

5.  Getting referrals from your database.

Now, if you want to extract more referrals, you do need to call these people.  So if it’s your regular database call them at a minimum, every 90 days. Your top 10-20, consider calling every 30 to 45 days.  Mail your database monthly.  However, if your budget is a little bit tight, you can certainly get away with quarterly, especially if you’re giving them a call.

Carry a scratchpad in your pocket everywhere you go and be looking for new people to add to your “book of business”.  Right now, it may not seem so important, but in 2, 3, or 5 years from now, you’re gonna look back and you’re to be so glad that you took action.

If you really applied some of these tips and techniques you could triple your database in the next year or two. It’s worth focusing on because when you get to your office in the morning and there’s two or three “come list me” calls waiting, you’ll instantly see the value.

Have fun, these people want to hear from you -give them a call.

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