VIDEO: Creating and Maintaining a Schedule

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Staying on schedule is the #1 thing that I find most sales people struggle with… even the really good ones.

There is so much that will distract you and pull you off of your schedule. We always tell our clients that the goal should be to spend 80% of the day on income producing activities. Yet, even the best of agents would probably admit to you that they run at about 50%.

What is meant by income producing activities?

Eye to eye, ear to ear with the customer- creating new business.  That could be lead follow up, prospecting, presenting, negotiating, or spending time with buyers and sellers.

There is other stuff to do and you may be fortunate enough to have staff. If you do, use them wisely. Delegate everything you can that is not a revenue generator and let them handle it. If you don’t have staff then you’re going to have to get creative about the hours that you do this “other stuff” so that you can focus those prime hours during the day to generate the revenue that you need to grow your business.

Let’s look at your vendors, affiliates and your support people. We don’t want to abuse them. We also want to be loyal to them. The conversation that you want to have with them should look like this, “I have a big goal and I’m a little short on staff. I can’t hire more staff at this time. I need a little bit of help. What can you do for me that would be reasonable to free up my time so that I can get some deals to give more business to all of us?”

If you took your last week as an example, how much time would you say you spent on income producing activities? If you’re like many agents, you might be shocked to find that it’s 20-30%. Most won’t find it easy to go from 20-30% all the way up to 80%. However, set a goal to improve. One simple way to do that is begin to keep a time log. Sounds complicated, however it’s very easy.

Grab a yellow legal pad and just simple write down all throughout the day each and everything that you’re doing and when you’re doing it. Don’t over analyze this. Don’t stress over it. It’s doesn’t need to be fancy. Keep your record for two weeks.

At the end of two weeks, go back and take a look. You’re going to find some gaps. You’re going to find some things that you’re doing that if you tweak those, your overall efficiency will improve.

What’s really terrific about this exercise is that as soon as you begin to log your time, you will instantly improve your productivity which improves your production. You become aware of how you’re using those minutes in your day.

Have a schedule in writing. Then eliminate as many of the distractions as you can. Focus. Multi-tasking is not a virtue, it’s a sin. Focus. Delegate what you can delegate and bring your affiliates on board and ask them to be helpful. Monitor and measure your efficiency throughout the day with the time log.

Let me know what you discover.  I’ll be anxious to talk to you about it.

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