[VIDEO] What to do if you have a buyer, but nothing to sell.

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Are you frustrated with having great buyers, maybe even cash buyers, and they’re ready to buy and there’s just nothing in the MLS to show them or when you find something suddenly there’s multiple bids?

Now I know that not every market is going through this, but certainly many pockets are experiencing a problem finding quality inventory for their buyers.

The Solution:

Be proactive.

Some of the great clients that I coach are doing things like pulling old expired and cancels in the criteria that will meet their buyers, monitoring the current fresh daily expired’s, and checking craigslist or other resources for the few ‘for sale by owners’.

They’re going out into areas and sending “we have a buyer” letter with enough details that the people in the area know that they have real buyers.

They’re also cold calling into the area saying, “You know you live in a great place; we have people that want to live there, do you want to sell?” And what homeowner doesn’t love to hear that their home is popular, right?

Another thing that they’re doing is they’re putting together a list of top agents in the area that they enjoy working with and they’re reaching out to those agents and saying, “I have a great buyer, I’m good to work with, we’ve had a relationship in the past, what do you have that you can go get a pocket listing on maybe I can show it and maybe I can sell it for you?”

Top agents are proactive.

Now does it always work?  No, it does not always result in a property that’s a match for your particular buyer.  What does often happen is if that if it doesn’t work, it results in a property that turns into a great new listing.  Maybe it’s now, maybe it’s in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days from now, but often these are listing opportunities that they are not competing on multiple interview because these agents reached out to them first.

So if you’re stuck, if you need to find a home for your buyer, consider a few of these actions.  Now tell your buyers you’re doing them because this is something that differentiates you in the buyers mind from the average agent.  I’d love to hear how you do with it.

Email me anytime and we will talk.

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