Time Management

Q: What are some of the common distractions and interruptions that pull you off of your schedule?

Coaching point:  Debbie say’s that following your schedule is simply a habit that you need to develop and it can take 90 days of staying on track with your schedule to feel totally in control of it.

Coaching point:  Your schedule is a work in progress. Once it is set it may need to be adjusted until you have it locked in.

Coaching point:  Debbie would suggest that before you meet with your coach you outline your family time, your personal commitments, and the starting and ending time of your day.  Next send it to your coach; then they will help you organize your working hours to maximize your effectiveness.

Coaching point:  It is best to do your prospecting and lead follow up in the morning while you are fresh and full of energy and also before the chaos of the day interferes.

Coaching point:  Your efficient day really begins when you wake up. You should have a great morning routine that helps you get your head in the day.  Eat a healthy breakfast, do some exercise, read something good, listen to something good on the way in to the office. No news it’s negative!!!

Coaching point:  The more clear you are on what your big “Why” is and you focus on this big “Why” everyday it will drive you to work through the tough moments.

Coaching point:  The biggest difference between a top producer and the average agents is that top producers do what others know they should do and won’t.

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