The 5 Steps To Reactivating Your Life and Your Business!


(From a radio interview)

I find that many of the agents that I meet are finding themselves in a bit of mental meltdown.

They know they need to grow their business, they know that have to make enough money to recover from the down cycle and to build a stable financial future.

However they are tired of the stress, they are tired of the uncertainty, and they are tired of working non-stop without producing the results they desire. They want to have more in their life than just the pursuit of the next deal. Many are finding themselves in a mental slump.

I am sure that many of your listeners feel exactly the same way!

When a client comes to me to help coach them to achieve the success they desire, they usually also ask for help improving the quality of their life.  As I work with them here are 5 keys things that we look at.

 1)      We do an honest assessment of their financial situation.  I would suggest to the listeners that they do the same.  We need a baseline.

  •  What is the monthly nut- what I need to live and run my business and pay taxes.
  •  What are my assets.
  •  My reserve accounts-cash on hand.
  •  How many transactions do I need just to live.
  •  Any areas were I can trim expenses.
  •  Set their production and financial goals- and then calculate the surplus and spend it on paper.  In other words identify why they need the money, if they don’t have a need for the extra money they hope to generate they often will slip back into complacency.

This gives us a place to start, to be sure that their financial needs are met and to be sure we are completely clear on what those number are.  It may not be pretty however it’s best to confront it and create a plan to improve.

 2)      Their Schedule-I discuss with them their life, the time that they want to have with their family, the commitments and activities that are important to them.  In fact as we create their schedule I ask them to mark of first their time off, and the hours that they want to work so that I know when they are available to make money.  I then work with them to create a plan to maximize those income producing hours!

There is a difference between physically being at work and mentally showing up ready to conquer.  They cannot be at the top of their game if they are physically and mentally exhausted.

While we are talking about physical, I encourage them to incorporate exercise of some type into their day, it’s takes energy to do what we do and exercise I have been told increase endorphin’s which makes us happier!

3)      Identify their strengths- For them to be happy in the business I find it’s best to focus them on the things that they are already very good at.  They typically are not maximizing the opportunities in their main sources of business.  Often the best increases in production can come by digging in deeper in these key sources.

I would ask your listeners to do the same, list the key areas your business comes from and ask yourself are you doing everything possible to squeeze business out of that source?  What would be the 3-5 actions steps you could add to create even more business in that area?

 4)      Have 5 key sources for generating business- usually as they list their main sources I will find that they have 2-3 go to’s.  I encourage them to look at additional areas to add new opportunities that would give them 5 key sources.

When they add new sources I encourage them to look at what is the best fit for the market and their strengths and to write a strategic plan, including timelines and action steps to implement.

5)      Mindset-In terms of how this impacts mindset….it’s hard to be depressed when we are working on new and exciting things.  Being in action, keeps us focused on the possibilities vs stuck in scarcity mindset.

I also ask them to limit negative input as much as possible, this can be anything from negative news and TV to the people at the office they hang around with.

I ask them to program good stuff into their heads, books, programs like yours, great events that inspire!  In fact I often suggest that the interview a successful person a month and it doesn’t need to be in our industry.

Or record their wins each day in a journal, review client testimonials at the end of a tough day.

Bottom line I know that we are all in business to make a living and yet when they step back and look at the lives they have changed by helping customers achieve their piece of the American dream owning a home, they really do contribute to people lives every day and they should be proud of what they do!

As a veteran salesperson, who is married to a full time salesperson, we live the high’s and lows of the business everyday right along with your listeners.

It’s a simple and yet hard business, and the good news is you get to start over everyday.  No one can stop you from being as successful as you want to be.

My favorite quotes that are my go to:

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve,” Napoleon Hill.

“You get what you think about most,”  Earl Nightingale.

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