The Secret to Door Knocking


This question comes from an agent in Southern California:

“The Hancock park neighborhood is the area I grew up in and although it took some time to get comfortable with it I summoned the courage to knock on the doors and talk with the strangers behind the doors. Then I started to knock the Sunset Strip but I found myself intimidated by the more luxurious homes. After a few bad experiences I have stopped knocking and am doing “door dropping” instead which I know will not be effective enough. I’ve regressed in my door knocking any tips?!”

 Debbie Responds:

I am very familiar with the area you are working. I also do understand the fear of door knocking. I used to feel exactly the same way when I began. I wish there was an easy way to get past the fear.

Here’s what I’ve done:

1) I also started dropping and added to the mix, being sure to talk to people who were out in their yard, in their garage or if their door was open. Of course in luxury areas this will not be as easy to find them out and about.

So what you will want to do is go at prime times of day or, when appropriate, on the weekend during times that do not conflict with religious traditions such as church or temple time.

Also I found it was easier to knock just after a mailing had gone out and to have a very specific reason. This is a great excuse for the “drop by.”

Inviting them to an open house or telling them about a new listing (even if it isn’t your own), dropping of a market update, or anything of value.

2) I eliminated knocking on the few where that just weren’t happy to talk to me, no sense suffering.

3) I wrote thank you notes after great conversations which warmed them up for the next time I did knocking.

4) I knocked it monthly so that they got to know me faster and I got over my fear, soon it became easy as they recognized me and were willing to talk.

5) It’s not easy to break through but when you do – that’s why it is so successful!

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