What is your mindset and beliefs about selling real estate?

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What is your mindset about being a great sales person?

I’ve heard so many things about this. For example, that your success in sales is 90% attitude and I really think that’s true.

So I have to ask you, what is your attitude towards being a sales person like today? And what are you doing to maintain and protect that attitude?

One of my favorite quotes is from Napoleon Hill:

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

Earl Nightingale said:

You get what you think about most.

I recently read something in the great book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People, where Dale said, “It’s hard to be depressed about what you do when you’re taking positive action.”

Let’s think about what it is that you’re thinking about most when you wake up in the morning… When you drive around in your car… What you think about regarding the job you do. Protect. That. Attitude.

The great sales people that I coach have routines. For example, they don’t watch the news because the news is mostly negative. They put positive things in their car and on their iPod so that as they’re working out or driving around, they’re putting new thoughts and ideas in their head.

One client said to me, “My mind is a scary place, I can’t go there alone.” So as they ride around in their car they put good stuff in their head.

Also, watch who you’re hanging around with. They say that if you put a bunch of crabs in the bucket and they could easily climb out, they’ll never get out because there will always be one crab pulling the rest right back in.

Who are those people in your life that when you’re excited, when you’re sharing your goals, they’re pulling you down. Maybe you want to consider not spending so much time with them.

When you master your skills at a high level, your confidence and your results soar. You’re going to like your job a lot better.

Last thing, make a list about the five things that you love about your job and the five things you hate (we’re not going to love our job every day). Examine take the five things that you hate. Why do you hate them?

Is it because you need to improve in a skill? Is it because you need to delegate it? Is there something you can do to make those not so bad?

Now examine the five things that you love. What can you do to spend more time in those areas?

Remember, you get what you think about most. So think about being successful!

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