How to Survive and Thrive Through Tough Market Cycles w/ Special Guest Rob Pistone

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you: 

(1:48) Rob Pistone's goals for the year
(3:25) The lead sources Rob plans on using this year
(7:07) How to time block for prospecting
(9:25) Tweaking the listing presentation for high-end clients
(13:30) The accountability factor
(16:10) Rob's experience starting the team and some of the difficulties he had
(18:55) How does Rob set his goals
(28:32) Creating a business plan - where do you start
(31:37) What opportunities are available in Rob's market
(33:57) Where does Rob see his business five years from now
(36:31) Rob's advice for finding success