Business Systems/Running Your Business Like A Business

  1. Make a list of all of the weaknesses in your business.
  2. Put them in order of priority starting from the most important issue.
  3. List your key sources of business you want to extract more business from or new business from.  (If you are an Excelleum client, you will receive our Key Prospecting Sources worksheet.) Fill out one for each source along with the action steps needed.
  4. Budget time in your week starting this week to review you plan and work on the business.
  5. List the big projects you would like to complete this year and then divide them up among the months of the year in which you would like to complete them.
  6. Look at each staff and team member and analyze their performance.  Are they in the right role?  Do they have the training they need to succeed?  Do they have enough communication with you?  Do they need to be fired or moved into another role?

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